1. How does whatTOdo decide what’s the best entertainment choice for me?

- whatTOdo does not decide, YOU do. We present you with pre-set entertainment choice variables; you custom-fit these variables to your specific circumstance(s). Once you click “Search”, your custom-fitted variables are matched with entertainment options which cater to these needs. These options are then presented for you to discover and select from. It is what we call “Entertainment Personalization”.


2. What if I have a specific type of restaurant I am looking for?

- In time, finding a specific type of an entertainment venue (ie. Indian Cuisine, Latin Nightclub, Bars serving Belgian Beers) will be possible through the website. For now, your best bet is to check elsewhere online.


3. How are the venues on the website chosen?

- The entertainment choices we put up on our website were visited by our staff more than once, and were reviewed according to our standard criteria, which is based on the variables of our Search Tool. All of the entertainment choices on our site scored high marks with us, and are now up for you to visit and enjoy.


4. Are the results biased or manipulated in any way?

- The results are neither biased, nor manipulated. The entertainment venues and events are categorized based on various types of people’s personal experiences visiting and/or taking part in them. The staff of whatTOdo is a diverse crowd – from the Bay Street Condo socialites to the suburban homeowners; from the spiritual indies to the wine connoisseurs; and from the clubbers to the romantic getawayers. The shared experiences of these people – people like you, are what makes whatTOdo such an exciting, and unbiased organization to work for.


5. What types of venues / events can be found on whatTOdo?

- All types. Just like the people who visit and use whatTOdo.


6. Does whatTOdo specialize in any specific types of entertainment choices?

- We do not specialize in any specific category, because we’d like to make ALL entertainmment and past-time options known to our users.