For Event Organizers

We provide online visibility services to event organizers interested in connecting with to Greater Toronto Area residents and visitors who are most likely to attend their events.

From prime listings visible and viewed by hundreds of Torontonians daily, to social network outreach initiatives, to target-advertising and special promotions, we surely have something for you! Here’s an example of an event profile


How it Works:

whatTOdo is a service that provides Greater Toronto Area residents and visitors with personalized entertainment choices, which are based on users’ personal circumstances, needs and occasions.


We Focus On:

1. Giving Greater Toronto Area residents and visitors the ability to look for entertainment as personally and conveniently as possible.
2. Building a selective database of top quality events in the Greater Toronto Area.

Our software recommends the most relevant entertainment choices by analyzing user preferences. We are following a concept we call “Entertainment Personalization”. To get a full understanding of what the user sees as a result of using our search engine, we encourage you to try whatTOdo search engine for yourself.

To have your event listed with us, please make your submission via the Promote with whatTOdo page or use the whatTOdo contact form. We will respond to you shortly. We promise.


Additional Services:

We offer a variety of services to event organizers. From prime listings visible and viewed by hundreds of Greater Toronto Area residents and visitors daily, social network outreach initiatives, target-advertising and special promotions, surely we must have something for you!

- Sponsored / Embedded Advertising – Your event will be featured INSIDE existing event listings that are closely related to what your event is about. Example: National Home show event listing.
- Background advertising on the home page and on internal pages.
- Banner ads placed on the Happening in the City search results page.
- Homepage take-over.
- Pop-up ads.
- Contextual ads placed within event profiles.
- “Sponsored By” logo appearing beside the whatTOdo Toronto logo at the top of the site.
- Facebook banner take-over.
Facebook and Twitter campaigns.


Remember, on our website, your profile will be viewed primarily by the people who you’d like to attract to your event– we consider this as a much value-added service.


Terms & Conditions:

We are committed to connecting our users with those entertainment choices that are right for them. We use best judgment in selecting what we recommend.

In order to provide the most accurate information to our users, we take a number of steps including but not restricted to posting images and text that we feel to best represent your event.

Comments and reviews posted by our users are the sole opinions of those users. We are constantly monitoring these for content and quality.

If you noticed a mistake or you feel that our content misrepresents your event OR if you feel that it should NOT be listed on our website, please contact us immediately.